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Member Spotlight: Josh Naaman, New Community Ambassador

By December 17, 2020 No Comments

Josh Naaman is the new Community Ambassador who will be helping Rising Tide connect more to the community and our members. We are spotlighting him this week so that the community could get to know him better.


Our Community Ambassador program is here to help members of Rising Tide get connected more to one another and also to have another group of determined individuals help us get more connected to the community by throwing different events and trainings. They are a huge source of help when it comes to connecting members and the St. Pete community.


Josh is originally from Indiana and moved into Florida around 2018 to work at a large art group as a graphic artist. After COVID-19 hit, the company he was with had major layoffs but luckily Josh was on the job search prior to the layoffs and manage to find his current position as the Creative Director for Paykings which allowed Josh to use his creative production talents in different ways as well as help him dive deeper in the realm of marketing and the world of finance.

Josh loves working with his team at Paykings and loves having the freedom to use his expertise and creativity in his own way at Rising Tide. There’s always good energy surrounding him and in 2021 his looking to launch his own company, Naaman Creative, which will focus on creating logos, branding, graphic designs, print marketing, web designs, photography, video, and audio production. Since 2008 he has always freelanced and now his planning on making an official business.

Along with creating the business, Josh is also looking forward to see all of the opportunities Paykings will be having in 2021. They are consistently growing the number of merchants that they have and are also taking on different industries. He also looks forward to exploring Florida more with his wife and dog.

Outside of work, he loves enjoying nature, food, and music. Josh is a drummer and thrives on music and whenever he can, he likes to play live with other musicians and record. Once live shows start to safely pickup again in 2021, Josh plans to attend them. Other than music, some other hobbies Josh is into includes scuba diving, running, biking, hiking, and exploring the world with his family and friends.

From a past show Josh did. Photo by Aaron Pierce – Writer and Photographer

If you have a business and would like to set up your payment processing or see if you can lower your rates, you can contact Josh directly at [email protected]. They can get you established from the start or save you money on your current rates. Plus if you need any creative production services such as graphic design, logo, branding, print marketing, or website design, Josh is available for freelance work via Naaman Creative!

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